The Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities holds meetings and programs across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Below is a partial listing of upcoming events.  For more detailed information, please contact us.

May 2017

9 Lynchburg Dinner Committee Meeting
12 Community Organization Workshop
16 State Board Meeting
18 Community Dialogue
21 Community Dialogue
22 Community Dialogue
22 Workplace Professional Development Session
23 Community Organization Presentation
24 Community Dialogue
24 Community Organization Presentation
24 Customized College Workshop
24 Workplace Professional Development Session
25 Educator Professional Development Session
30 Educator Professional Development Session
31 Community Organization Workshop


June 2017

1 Lynchburg Humanitarian Awards Dinner
1 Project Inclusion Follow-Up Workshop
3 Customized School Workshop
5 Workplace Professional Development Session
7 Lynchburg Chapter Meeting
12 Customized College Workshop
14 Workplace Inclusion Network Luncheon
15 Community Organization Presentation
15 Hampton Roads Diversity & Inclusion Consortium Meeting
18 Educational Equity Initiative Facilitator Training
19-22 Richmond Educational Equity Initiative
20 Workplace Professional Development Session
21 Customized Student Workshop
26 Community Dialogue
30 Customized Student Workshop



July 2017

14 Customized Student Workshop
14 Community Organization Presentation
16 Educational Equity Initiative Facilitator Training
17-20 Henrico Educational Equity Initiative
18 Customized Student Workshop
19 Community Organization Presentation
24-25 Educator Professional Development Session
26 Educator Professional Development Session
30 Connections Institute Staff Training
31 Customized Student Workshop
31 Harold M. Marsh, Sr. Connections Institute

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